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Shamans Dream Energy Medicine
Batesville, VA 22924 US
540 456-6283
Deborah has been studying energy medicine for over 20
years. The primary focus of her work derives from studies
with Peruvian shamans. She was senior faculty for Dr
Villoldo's Healing The Light Body School for 6 years and
is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Hollins University. She
has also earned a Masters degree in Marriage and
teaching and supporting others on their life journey and
is  the founder of The Gateway School of Shamanism.
She has taught in venues around the United States and
abroad. Deborah maintains a private practice in
Shamanic Energy Medicine in the Charlottesville VA area,
working over the phone or in person.
Jim is a graduate of The Healing the Light Body School
of the Four Winds and has been assisting in workshops
He also teaches the Munay Ki. A retired aerospace
physicist, Jim splits his time between his two loves,
shamanic energy medicine and performing as a
Jim assists a Q'ero Indian shaman in
playing the melodica that is Jim's travel
keyboard on Peru adventures.
Jaguar - from Jim's
Shamanic Jazz Album